Oral and Poster presentations PSF UB students at AASPC singapore 2013

November 22, 2013



links: PSF UB at AASPC singapore 2013 program http://www.aaspnet.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/AASPC2013_Prog-Abs_Bk_Final-8Nov.pdf

Bravo, got best poster (Imalia Ayuningtyas) and travel grant (Nur Aini Fatmawati). Also participated: Queen Intan Nurrahmah; Meutia Tamimi; Wahyu Bachtiar; Yitania Sari; Desie Suci Permata Sari; and Firman Mulyo Wicaksono.


PIMNAS Lombok 2013

September 27, 2013


Students Presentation: Firman – the 7 minute-talk.

After: Yita-Beta-Desie-Reviewers Dr.Saufi-Prof.Endang-Prof.Meiyanto-Firman-Ellen

With fave Reviewer; the Poster and creative designer(s)

Poster PKMP salam sirih merah

(This post is dedicated to “PSF-FKUB”)

Gurus-Partners and Friends at Fac. of Medicine, Yamaguchi University

December 19, 2011

A very short visit (20 September-16 December 2011) for learning new things, doing experiments, sharing expertise, nurturing friendship and collaborations with partners in Department of Biochemistry and Functional Proteomics, Department of Pathology Applied Molecular Sciences at Faculty of Medicine and Laboratory of Molecular Genetics for Blood Disorders and Laboratory of Clinical Pathology and Statitistics at Faculty of Health Sciences, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine, 1-1-1 Minami-Kogushi, Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan.

Keiko-san in the Lab. of Biochemistry and Functional Proteomics –Ichiseika.

Collaborating with Niigata University, Japan

December 13, 2011


Dr. Kanifuji; Dr. Suda; Dr. Kamimura; Dr. Yokoo

for gene delivery


PAR 2011

November 7, 2011

Learn Array CGH at Department of Pathology Applied Molecular Bioscience, Yamaguchi University.

October 10- November 4, 2011: Normal Male vs Female ; HeLaS3 vs Normal Female Control (Cy3 and Cy5)

with Shigeto Kawauchi, Assc. Prof.; Dr. Furuya and Okada sensee.

Pharmacy (undergrad programme) Brawijaya University

March 18, 2011
S1 Pharmacy Brawijaya University

S1 Pharmacy Brawijaya University


and OSCE for 2nd year students http://www.fk.ub.ac.id/id/brtpsf-14-ujian-osce.html

OSCE asthma Pharmacy FKUB


Scholarships for Masters at Oxford and Cambridge

October 31, 2010

From the British Council:

MSc scholarship offers from Ancora Foundation www.ancorafoundation.com – British Council at Univ. of Oxford: on Environmental Change and Management (http://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/teaching/msc/admissions.php) and Univ. Cambridge: ANY FIELD (http://www.cambridgetrusts.org/partners/gita-irawan-wirjawan.html)

Minimal TOEFL 600 (paper based), 100 (iBT) or IELTS 7.5

Offered every year, application for 2011-2012 will due on DECEMBER 1, 2010