Clinical Pharmacist in Action in the Wards

A pharmacist (right) explains about prescribed drugs to the mother of a patient in Paediatrics Ward in Saiful Anwar Hospital.

A clinical pharmacist (right, yellow coat), Ms. Vicky Puspitasari, and a paediatrician (second from right, white coat) discussed pharmaceutical care for the patient during ward round/visit.

The pharmacist (middle, yellow coat), Ms. Dian Kusuma discussed and evaluated a patient pharmaceutical care with nurses, then make written suggestions in the log book.

Mr. Bambang Sidharta, a senior pharmacist, gave a clinical-related lecture (asthma) for pharmacist assistants to update their knowledge.

In a series of lectures by clinicians, a senior cardiologist,  Dr. Dadang Hendrawan, was invited to deliver a presentation about cardiac decompensation for pharmacists to update and refresh their clinical knowledge.

Chronic Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis, delivered by Dr. Nur Samsu, a consultant from Dept. Internal Medicine Saiful Anwar Hospital.

Dr. Nur Samsu, a consultant from Dept. of Internal Medicine, Saiful Anwar Hospital, is presenting a lecture for pharmacists: Chronic Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis.


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