Participation in the 9th Asian Conference Clinical Pharmacy (Seoul, 26-28 September 2009)

Pharmacists from Laboratory of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University – Department of Pharmacy Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital participate in the 9th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in Seoul. Four pharmacists contribute 4 posters, disseminate their experiences in developing clinical pharmacy service and education in hospital setting.

ACCP9 FKUB-RSSA team pics

Among them are hospital pharmacists Ms. Reta Anggraeni Widya, Mr. Agus Sunarko  and Mr. Rudy Salam, presenting their accepted posters:

Adherence to antiretroviral therapy correlated with elevation of CD4 cell count: a study on HIV outpatient population at Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital-Malang, Indonesia.

Adherence profile to antihypertensive medication and pre-dialysis blood pressure of ESRD patients with suboptimal intermittent hemodialysis at Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital – Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia    (ACCP9_RDF poster)

Profile and effectiveness of antihypertensive medications in ESRD patients covered with different health insurance: ASKES (goverment employee) versus JAMKESMAS (financially poorer patients).    (ACCP9_ARD poster)

Assisting development of consultation skill during interns in hospital setting: an experience from Laboratory of Pharmacy Brawijaya University – Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital-Malang, Indonesia  (ACCP9_DL poster)

ACCP9 Poster Program

In line with the theme of the Conference “For dynamic acting, for dynamic pharmacy service, and for Asian Patients”, the four posters represent the dynamic of our collaborative efforts between Brawijaya University-and School of Pharmacy University of London (DelPHE project) in improving education and patient care in Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital, Malang.


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