Continuous Professional Development for Pharmacists

As any other professionals in health care, pharmacists at Laboratory and Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine-Saiful Anwar Hospital adopting life-long learning, continuously develop and up-date their knowledge and professional skills. For this semester, second half of year 2009, serial seminars for continous professional development (CPD) have been conducted routinely every Tuesday at 7-8 am. Topics covered in the seminar were mostly about drug utilization, relevant theoretical backgrounds as well as policies and practices at Saiful Anwar hospital setting. In retrospective, on average two third of the pharmacists working as academics and pharmacists practitioners were involved in CPD seminars, either as presenters and/or as participants. Contributors for CPD seminars were primarily pharmacists involved in DelPHE project (developing clinical pharmacy service: improving rational therapy the poorer patients). Talks presented in such seminar were also submitted to international conferences such as Asian Conference of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP 2009) and Asian Society for Paediatric Research (ASPR 2010).

Topik dan presensi CPD farmasis FKUB-RSSA 2009


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