Paediatric clinical pharmacy service: some evaluations on drug usage


Since 2008, clinical pharmacy service is offered at Paediatric Wards of Saiful Anwar Hospital. Most of the paediatric patients are covered by health insurance for the financially poor family. With regards to such insurance scheme, evaluation of the drugs used to manage several common diseases such as diarrhea, bronchopneumoniae, HIV-AIDS and sepsis for those patients have been performed. Patients care and evaluations were conducted together by clinical pharmacists and paediatricians. Served as basis to improve our clinical services, results of such evaluation were also submitted for the 6th Congress of Asian Paediatric Research Society in Taipei- Taiwan, 2010 (

Accepted abstracts to be presented are:

Zn and Probiotic for Paediatric Diarrhea_Siti Chasanah et al

Antibiotics Used for Paediatric Pneumoniae _Ferri Widodo et al

Paediatric Adherence to Anti Retroviral Therapy and Clinical Outcomes_Reta Anggareni Widya et al

Antibiotics for Paediatric Sepsis_ DLyrawati

see program at and


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