The 8th Basic Molecular Biology Course Brawijaya University 2010

International Seminar and Workshop

“Treatment by using Stem Cells“

Since its first Course, BMBC has been one of the most important courses in Brawijaya University over the past years. It is truly a great pleasure that this year Medical School Brawijaya University collaborates with Saiful Anwar General Hospital, and Pathobiology Association Malang host this Course.

We are delighted to announce that more than 150 delegates from all over Indonesia attend this Seminar.  We are sure that this Seminar will be a suitable platform for exchanging and sharing ideas, as well as, contribute to a great extent to the promotion of diseases control. With active participation, fruitful discussion and success of the BMBC are very much expected.

The 8th BMBC comprises informative scientific sessions, plenary lectures, poster presentations and workshop. This BMBC educational program is designed to provide updates for clinicians, researchers, and allied health professionals on basic science of stem cells and its clinical application for diagnosis and management of disorders. As in previous meetings, we believe that BMBC 2010 will be just as rewarding to attendees.

Seminars sessions will highlight research and therapeutic use of stem cells in the field of metabolic diseases: diabetes and cardiovascular, obesity, neurology, cancer and tendon regenerative engineering. These will be delivered by experts and clinicians from Belgium, Canada, Singapore and from research centers in Indonesia. Afternoon workshops focused on in vitro culture of stem cells will be offered at Laboratory of Biomedical and Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University which have successfully cultured endothelial and cancer progenitor cells. Also, a Dinner Symposium discussing the recent advances in cardiovascular therapy will present practitioners from Belgium and Indonesia.

We hope that your journey in Malang will be gratifying scientifically and personally and may result in long-lasting collaboration among us participants.


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